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It precluded, in particular, the use of the word “gender,” as applied today. We often used etymological dictionaries to assure that words we used were in use in 1949 and have the same meaning today as then.

Nor did we update her language by making it gender-sensitive.

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One such choice was not to modernize the language Beauvoir used and had access to in 1949, and this decision entailed important consequences.Take, for example, the sentence, in the “Childhood [Enfance]” chapter, describing the infant’s beginning affirmation of identity: “whether the mirror as such plays a more or less considerable role, what is sure is that the child at about 6 months of age begins to understand his parents miming and to grasp himself under their gaze as an object.” It is jarring today to hear the masculine pronoun only for the word “child” when today we would say his/her.