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14-Jun-2020 08:09

You must place all of your CGI scripts, associated files, and modules into a designated directory on your Web server.

On Angelfire, this directory is named "cgi-bin." Think of this as a home base for all of your scripted content.

There are three ways to get your scripts into your Angelfire cgi-bin: 1.

Write and upload your own scripts using the Web Shell Script Editor. Get a copy of your script, and then go to the Angelfire Web Shell.

These modules allow you to perform some common tasks, such as: All Angelfire modules are written in Perl, a common and extremely versatile Web programming language.

Angelfire's CGI service fully supports any module written in Perl — just put them into your cgi-bin directory and your scripts will find them.

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Luckily, the whole process boils down to five basic steps: An abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface, CGI refers to the way most Web servers communicate with scripts or programs.

Under your list of files, select New File, and name your file in the field below.

(Don't forget to use the correct extension: or .cgi) Paste your script code into the input box and save it. Upload your scripts to your Angelfire cgi-bin using a standalone FTP client.

Perl modules are basically packages of functions that the CGI scripts access in order to run a particular task.

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You'll need to put these Perl modules in the cgi-bin in your Angelfire member directory in order for your CGI scripts to work.The pages on which you use your scripts must live on the Angelfire servers.

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