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18-Dec-2019 03:20

The most commonly investigated methods are stratospheric aerosol injections, aimed at offsetting the global effects of CO 2011).In recent years, several methods aimed at ocean albedo alteration have been proposed.

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For example Seitz (2011) suggested hydrosol (microbubble) injection and stabilization as a means of increasing the reflectivity of the ocean surface that would in turn, increase the planetary albedo and offset the effects of CO (2012), focused on sea ice restoration and investigated implementation of floating granular materials with low subsidiary environmental impact that would reduce the solar heat absorption in the underlying water and aid sea ice recovery.

The technological feasibility and large scale application of methods aimed at ocean albedo alteration remains highly uncertain.

Interestingly, the climate impacts of these conceptually new strategies are not well understood either, lacking a comprehensive climate model analysis that explores the physical limitations of high latitude ocean albedo alteration.

Motivated by this, in the current study we focus on understanding the physical (climate) impacts of ocean surface albedo alteration in the Arctic.fromu has been an inspiration to me with his rankings, he just smiled in the face of his haters and i will do the same i'm ranking these people based on their design, how fun they are to play, if i can troll properly with them..

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