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We are not exactly sure if/when new Six-Pac models will be available, but we will update this website if we have any news for you.If new camper models start being built again, we will post updates, floor plans, prices, pictures, weights, etc. It was mirrored from Geocities at the end of October, 2009. Kompasas AL-023A 20u Logo - Blue chip: SO-3 MAL-029 60u Turquoise Definitive Card MAL-051 60u Antonio Sciortino - Les gavroches MAL-066 40u Cippu & Cippa MAL-089 100u Star Service* MAL-090 60u Residential Commercial Cardphone MAL-091 40u Telecard Collectors Club MAL-??? TR-N-271 Great Leader Ataturk - Hurriyet ve Istiklal UAE83 Old Wind Tower 30Dhs UAE84 Arab Boy & Camels UAE101 Palm Tree Avenue UAE105 Earthenware Pots UAE110 Pepsi UAE113 Camels & Oil Well UAE116 Mobile Power 1 UAE125 Drummers UAE126 Sunrise over the sea UAE129 Pager UAE132 Samsung chip: SO-3 UAE134 Palms & Mountains UAE143 The 27th National day of the UAE UAE174 IDEX'99 UAE181 Boats 1Econo Phone (Belgium) 200BEF - Belgian Monuments China Mobile (China) Y200 - WAP Omnicom (France) 60u - Tlphonez moins cher Omnicom (France) 50F - L'conomique monde Omnicom (France) 100F - L'conomique monde Phonecards Germany (Germany) 20DEM - Green Card Daily Card (Italy) 10 euro - Bread Europa Telecomunicazioni (Italy) 100u - Various Monuments Med Mondo (Italy) 5 euro - World Silhoutte Planet Communication (Italy) 5 euro - Formula One car Telecom Italia (Italy) 5 euro - New Welcome (globe) Winner (Italy) 5.16 euro - Globe Vodafone (Malta) Lm10 - Red Card Vodafone (Malta) Lm10 - etalk Fortune (Spain) 1000ptas - Fortune 09/00 Fortune (Spain) 1000ptas - Fortune 10/00 RSLCom (Spain) 1.000ptas - Globe 1 2 Call (Thailand) 300u - Roy Keane Interoute (UK) 5 - Kid's face Millennium (UK) 100u - Millennium Dome Reachout (UK) 5 - Coast500u Mechanic 5.000u Green Card 5.000u Head of Woman (green) 10.000u Head of Woman (silver) 20.000u Head of Woman (gold) 10.000u Head of Woman (silver with advertising) 10.000u Head of Woman (silver with another advertising) var width = window.inner Width

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