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08-Apr-2020 21:28

Like most Jewish sub-groups, Bukharians, who lived for centuries in Central Asia, have an array of dishes they’ve carried with them through years of political upheaval and emigration.

There are no shortage of Bukharian restaurants in Israel and New York—in Queens’ Rego Park neighborhood, especially—but very few true Bukharian Jewish dishes grace those menus, which are filled with the sizzling kebabs and greasy dumplings common across Central Asia. Making sure the onions are covered tightly, simmer for 1 1/2 -2 hours.

The close-knit Bukharian Jewish community of Forest Hills, Queens, is on edge this week following a string of arson attacks that appears to be targeting homes of Bukharian Jews that are under construction.

Seven fires have ravaged construction sites in the area in recent weeks, prompting an investigation by the NYPD Arson and Explosive Squad and igniting fear among locals.

This is a life-threatening situation.” Allan S., a non-Bukharian member of the Forest Hills Jewish community who preferred to use his first name because he didn't want to be a target of any reprisal, referred to the eerily similar profiles of the torched homes’ owners as the “elephant in the room.” “It’s obvious that there’s something in common between the different properties attacked,” he said, adding that the neighborhood, albeit largely Bukharian, is also ethnically diverse. The neighborhood is scared to death.” Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s New York regional director said that while he understands that it’s too early to determine the motive behind the attacks, “the fact that seven separate fires took place in the same vicinity is deeply troubling, and we are confident that law enforcement will investigate these incidents as potential hate crimes.” In response to the string of fires, about 20 members of the Bukharian Jewish community, as well as several other concerned neighbors, met at the local Bukharian Community Center on Sunday.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz attended the meeting, though no representatives from police or fire departments attended, according to community members.

The teacher, whose dignified face is framed by a silver beard, is dressed in a simple dark robe and a fur hat.

The NYPD similarly declined to comment on whether or not the incidents are targeting the Bukharian community.Meanwhile, in a case that is being investigated as a hate crime, the 52-year-old owner of West Side Judaica on the Upper West Side was beaten up in front of the shop in broad daylight on Monday afternoon.According to reports, the suspect punched the victim in the eye while exclaiming “[Expletive] you Jews. I’m a Muslim.” The suspect fled the scene on a razor scooter, police said.Definition: Bukharan Jews, also Bukharian Jews or Bukhari Jews, also called the Binai Israel, are Jews from Central Asia who speak Bukhori, a dialect of the Tajik-Persian language. Divide the meat mixture into 1-tablespoon portions, wrap in onion layers and shape into sharp-edged cylinders. Cover Dutch oven with an overturned china plate 1 inch smaller than the diameter of the oven.

Instead, authentic Bukharian cuisine, which features several unique varieties of rice pilaf, reveals itself on the Sabbath and festivals. In a Dutch oven, heat oil, add bones and meat scraps and sauté for 5-10 minutes.

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