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09-Apr-2020 14:09

In Malaysia, sometime in May, the issue of became a big issue.

According to a Islamic Studies Academy Professor at Universiti Malaya, misyar wedding allows for husbands not to have to be responsible to provide upkeeping for the physical upkeep of the wife but only for the upkeep of the (I tried translating that word but I get all sorts of rather too interesting words).

There was no Coffeezones, Coffeebeans etc, so there was really not much place for you to hang around in. I did meet many acquaintances during the Youth Ship program - both fellow participants and those were just interested in it. I still believe it's up to the individual to make their ways. By the time the internet existed, I was happily married but I remembered its potential - it was the internet world which kept my wife and I communicated when I was in the USA - e-mails only as skype was not yet available then.

Until that point, I just did not realise there was this group of very 'potentially interesting' young people who I should get to know and for them to get to know me. Another junior colleague, ZH* said that currently the only places for them young people to get to know others was through the internet. To me, we should make use of whatever opportunity is available. I see the friendsters, the multiplies, the blogspots and other places where theoretically one can 'meet' each other.

He said that the only place to meet anybody was at college or university and if you did not meet anyone, then your chances become slimmer.

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I'm Still single & Obtained my Engineering Degree in IT & holding Microsoft professional bodies.

The other day one of my junior colleagues, AA* mentioned about how difficult it was to meet someone.

That opinion has been discussed and rebutted ever since then and if you want to know more, you can always google it (nikah misyar).

Anyway, I have absolutely no real thoughts about these issues other than to tell you the thinking of others.According to another worried colleague at MOE, there are hundreds of unmarried female education officers and trained teachers throughout the school system.

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