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Her mother, Lynne, later wrote in her memoir While in the hospital, Spears became the subject of a power struggle between her parents, Jamie and Lynne, and her manager, Sam Lutfi.The couple believed that Lutfi was a bad influence on their daughter and was trying to control her life.But Spears made a surprising move two months later when she filed for divorce, claiming "irreconcilable differences." After her separation, Spears frequented the club scene for a time, partying with socialite Paris Hilton, among others.She reportedly checked in and out of rehabilitation, and then shaved her head in a California beauty salon while the paparazzi took pictures in February 2007.

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By the summer, Spears and Federline were in the midst of a difficult custody battle for their two sons, with Spears also estranged from her mother.Despite her declining sales, Spears seemed contented.