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The helicopter, cruising at low altitude at around pm on September 17th, picked up an unknown object flying at around 1000 feet above sea level.

The UFO could not be seen with the naked eye – instead, it was captured by the on board thermal camera.

He went on to say that hundreds occur in the region every year: “The theory is they (UFOs) are all around all the time but we can’t see them.

Infrared and thermal cameras allow us to see things that are working in a different light sphere.“More people are posting their sightings on Facebook these days and there are a hell of lot on there.”Below is the footage from the police helicopter which shows a black, spherical object dead center of the camera’s crosshairs.

Many Twitter users have claimed that the orb could be a floating Chinese lantern, but the National Police Air Service dismissed these claims on Twitter due to the fact that Could this unexplained invisible orb be related to the recent boom in sightings in southwestern England?

Given that there are both British and American air force bases nearby, it’s possible that this sighting could be a test of some new type of stealth drone, but for now, this one remains a mystery.

The sighting is believed to have occurred just a mile from where a woman in February 2016 photographed a UFO in broad daylight.

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What makes this case even more intriguing is the fact that the orb was invisible to the naked eye – the police were only able to spot the orb using infrared cameras.

The infrared camera was set to “black hot,” meaning the mysterious orb was emitting heat.On September 17, 2016, the National Police Air Service based in South Wales caught a strange, unexplained aerial phenomenon on camera.

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