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To Jerry & Mona Sherwood, advisors and computer work. For they shall be exalted and Thou shalt be made low. Ray Carlson, Emery Hawkes, Keith Garver, Leonard Johnson, Bobby Niendorf, r.3 Janice Jcssen, teacher, Bessy Hill, Theima Johnson, Margaret Bowersox, Peggy Niendorf, Doris Newcomb, Theima Angeli, Fremont Brown, teacher, r.2.To the following typists: Jennie Ward, Cleo May Smith and her husband Vernal Gledhill, Sarah Wodskow, Venna Copping, & lone Bush. To all who gave advanced encouragement and financial support. No date be assigned, We cannot conceive it With man's mortal mind. The mountains aglow, Now they are covered In perpetual snow. As first you were fleeing From the Omnipotent hand. by - Alma Moroni Blanchard This poem was written for Estes Hawkes who was a good friend and Alma Moroni visited him often. Darrel Newcomb, Gene Hawkes, Billy Bowcrsox, Fred Niendorf, Naomi Angeli, Roscoe Johnson, Alice Garz, Evelyn Johnson, Bcmis Baird, r.l.

Naomi Angell, Doris Murri, Rosalie Butner, Jack Amen, Doolcy Oberhansli,r.l.

To David Anderson for helping prepare this book for publishing. Billic Hill, Max Garvcr, Bert Miller, Ruth Garver, Gene Dickason, Lawrence Hawkes, Dean Garvcr, Blaine Hawkes, June Whitmore, Charlie Garvcr 15 1938 Dnimmond School Band r.4.

IV "\ THE TETONS The Tctons like tinsels Are standing out there, With their cold jagged peaks All lifeless and bare. George Amen, Lucille Baird, instructor, Joy Harshbargcr, Gene Hawkes, Glen Baird, leader, Gene Dickason, r.3.

38-2931 DAVIC i U\OND ♦ LILLIAN » FAiu^UM EARLY UPLAND COMMUNITIES BETWEEN FALL & TETON RIVERS CONTENTS Chapter Page Dedication U Preface m Acknowledgments IV Introduction VI 1 The Church Record 1 2 Our Pioneer Schools 9 3 Conant Creek Canal & Camp Henry 25 4 A Panoramic Bird's Eye View 31 5 Ten Communities in Our Area 51 6 Servicemen & Women 57 7 Our Cemeteries 59 8 Family Histories 61 9 A Collection of Names 399 10 Maps & Homestead Records 403 I DEDICATION "Tread softly...

The years roll out a carpet of memories for our hearts to walk on." - Blaine Blake This book is of hope, courage, love, admonition, sadness, sickness, sorrow, sometimes death, and yet through it all you get the feeling of the pioneers desire to give to their famihes a better place to live, so we dedicate this book to those who made the history. Some memories arc not so fragrant, but they can be exchanged for others." - Alice Burcyk II PREFACE In 1852, when Brigham Young first sent scouts to look over this valley there was such heavy fi-ost every night of the summer that they abandoned the idea of settling here.Gerald Nyborg, Rosalie Butner, Naomi Angell, Doris Murri, Willa Peterson 1945 Drummond School Pupils and Teacher b.r. Bonnie Baum, Helen Hawkes, teacher, Neal Dedman, Terry Moyer, m.r. They had to work when, and wherever, they could get work and whenever possible they worked on the canal.

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