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16-Feb-2020 11:14

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But the use of lithium in its growing high-technology manufacturing sector led China to ramp up production – with little concern for the environmental ill-effects of using toxic solvents in the separation process.In 2012, Japan lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) claiming China had imposed prohibitively high export tariffs on supplies of lithium and rare earths in order to suppress the development of its (and other countries’) technology and nuclear industries.

Bulletins from the Ministry of Mining point to German and Chinese lobbying trips earlier this year, the formation of ‘bi-national mining chambers’ and dozens of visits by business delegations as evidence of progress.Preparing for a lithium-powered world Bolivia’s lithium project is advancing apace.“These mills are worth US$ 1.5million each,” project spokesperson Raúl Martínez tells the press; “these caterpillar vehicles cut horizontally through the salt crust.We expect to sell some of these residues in the future.” Graciela León, the boss of a nearby plant at Llipi, agrees and estimates the maximum environmental impact of the process to be “almost zero”.

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Calla is certain that there have been no studies on the environmental impacts of sulfate techniques and warns that experimental work is being carried out by inexperienced personnel.

Bolivia’s relationship with China has become much closer in 2015.

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Le Ga Bi Bo’s objectives as an LGBTI organization are: to promote a non-discriminatory legal framework for LGBTI community; to create a community that is educated and sensitized on LGBTI issues; to recognize same-sex relationships; to create a safe space where the LGBTI community can interact; to empower the LGBTI community so as to advocate for their rights; to promote sexual health amongst the LGBTIs.… continue reading »

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The panel, called “Ending Violence: More Than a Life’s Work” is part of the annual American Academy of Religion conference taking place in Boston. Faith Trust Institute is celebrating our 40th Anniversary! As part of this milestone event, we're creating a Celebration Book and we would like to include your thoughts and memories. Mostly Luther denounced the corruption he saw in the church and the selling of indulgences, described by some as “get out of purgatory free cards.” But historically there is no argument that his protests in medieval German shifted the axis of The Church and signaled the split in Christianity that later became Protestantism. Here are four emergent themes in the recent (last five years) literature which deserve attention from those who support Faith Trust’s mission. … continue reading »

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