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29-May-2020 14:30

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Google Calendar is arguably the easiest, most intuitive and most versatile way to organize your day.

The only problem you might encounter is syncing it across all your devices.

That method no longer works for your bog-standard free account.

if you’re a user of Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education.

This means there’s a ton of now-outdated instructions for syncing with Google Calendar (and other Google services) that are no longer correct.

If you start reading a guide to syncing with Google and it recommends selecting Microsoft Exchange in an options menu, move on.

For the easiest way to manage email, calendar, contacts, we recommend the Outlook for Android or Outlook for i OS mobile app.

With the release of Black Berry Link 1.1.1 for Windows, a new feature has been added that allows you to synchronize your local Microsoft Outlook contacts and\or calendar data between your computer and a Black Berry 10 device running Black Berry 10 OS version 10.1 or later.

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Before we begin, you’ll need to ensure you are using Black Berry Link or later. How to set up and synchronize your contacts and/or calendar data with Microsoft Outlook To synchronize again in the future, when you connect your device and open Black Berry Link an option to Sync Contacts/Calendar will appear in the device menu along the bottom toolbar.These paid services retain Google Sync functionality and, as such, the old instructions remain valid.