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The hill is the etymological origin of the word palace and its cognates in other languages (Italian: The Palatine Hill is also the etymological origin (via the Latin adjective palatinus) of "palatine", a 16th century English adjective that originally signified something pertaining to the Caesar's palace, or someone who is invested with the king's authority.Later its use shifted to a reference to the German Palatinate.Later emperors particularly the Severans made significant additions to the buildings.The House of Tiberius is located next to the Temple of Cybele, on the platform built by Nero and in the current Farnese Gardens.Chinese brand Xiaomi recently launched a smartphone using this technology (video).Apple said that technique is more accurate than current-gen Touch ID, but it appears to require a fixed location.The Palatine Hill was also the site of the ancient festival of the Lupercalia.Many affluent Romans of the Republican period (c.509 BC – 44 BC) had their residences there.

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It was an incredible experience for us to have you speak to students and parents…You presented a whole way of living and relating to others they will now have forever in their heads (and hopefully in their hearts)…You presented great truths together with your own testimony, which is a very powerful combination.

above the Roman Forum, looking down upon it on one side, and upon the Circus Maximus on the other.

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