Benefits of dating a tall man

08-Feb-2020 12:50

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One out of every four relationships is derailed by an easily preventable neck strain.2. Even if you're not really into it, it's nice to have the option. When you wear your most comfortable shoes (flats, obvs), you are the perfect height for each other. There's some instinctual part of him that will always feel like he needs to compensate for something. He appreciates your height-blind love more than a taller man.

Kissing is better, eye contact is stronger, talking is easier. You love him and all his lil'ness, but you also love a pair of stupidly high heels and how great they make you feel even when you're awkwardly a head taller than him.4.

A study from dating site looked at 50,000 interactions over two months and discovered that the likelihood that a man under 5-foot-9 is contacted by a Manhattan or Bronx woman online is just 1.2 percent. But after we surveyed mental health experts about what qualities matter or don't matter to their clients looking for lifelong partners, we discovered that shorter men are actually husband material.

In fact, a brand new study found that the rate of divorce among short men is significantly less than among average and tall men. In a world where short guys are often overlooked simply because of their height, they manage to make up for it in confidence.

They can see over garden fences and so can do the “nosy neighbor” thing!

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Don’t worry though, once people get used to you guys together all that will go away, and trust me, dealing with that will be more than worth it.

When it comes to a heated argument the taller they are the harder they fall. You may be lucky and one day they might become an international basket ball player and earn 10’s of millions of pounds. Tall men don’t need stepladders to paint ceilings or put up wallpaper You have a great view at pop concerts, when you sit on their shoulders.

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