Before the development of radiometric dating techniques

09-Jun-2020 12:55

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stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones), as well as bones and teeth.

In these materials, the uranium-234 (Th ratio to an initial ratio estimated for the time of sample formation.

If we can estimate the original amount of certain isotopes in archaeological materials and the associated half-life, it is then possible to deduce the sample’s age from the existing isotope amount.

Here are some radiometric dating methods that have been used at Liang Bua: Carbon-14 (C).

When these mineral grains are exposed to light or heat, the trapped electrons are provided with enough energy to escape from their traps.

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When organisms die, they stop exchanging carbon dioxide and, thus, the amount of C is left in a sample, the time elapsed since the organism died can be estimated.

Radiometric dating techniques are based on the principle that naturally occurring materials contain variants of particular chemical elements (called isotopes), and some of these variants are unstable and undergo radioactive decay over time as the atoms transform into more stable forms.