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Tracks from the new album ‘The Getaway’ lost none of the record’s subtle dynamics in their execution - ‘Dark Necessities’ and ‘Goodbye Angels’ proved suitably deft, while ‘Go Robot’ required a second bassist to deliver the requisite level of funk, and ‘Sick Love’ was exactly the amount of sweet profundity it needed to be.Other favourite cuts from ‘Californication’ and ‘By The Way’ buffered the night’s only low point (why anyone, when confronted with a robust discography going back 32 years, would choose the temperate tones of ‘Hey’ from 2006’s ‘Stadium Arcadium’ is beyond me), but there was a cool surprise in the shape of ‘Aeroplane’ - rarely performed since the tours for 1995’s ‘One Hot Minute’ album and the dissolution of that line-up, which featured ex-guitarist, Dave Navarro - whose playful, childlike chorus was just as uninhibited as ever."), while her brother, Ben Jeans Houghton, is a respected artist who has designed sleeves and directed videos for her."My parents always encouraged drawing and creativity and stuff, and anything that involved your imagination," she says."They never told us we were weird, whereas other parents would have. From the release of Houghton's first EP in 2008, her textbook wild-child, free-spirit back-story became the stuff music hacks salivate over.Interviews might typically feature tales of her Arctic-fox spirit animal or of how she was going to live in a yurt, or focus on her synaesthesia, a condition in which, in Houghton's case, words and numbers become confused with colours and numbers."It makes absolutely no difference to the way I write songs," she insists, "And even if it did, I wouldn't know, because I've always had it." The development of her material and the burgeoning identity of the Hooves of Destiny have apparently reined Houghton in a little.If not exactly mature or serious, as her whimsical stage banter proves ("My mum gave me a hat for Christmas – just like a balaclava but with a moustache"), she is a decidedly less wacky performer now.One positive effect of the three-and-a-half year wait since Houghton first arrived on the scene has been craftily to sidestep the new-folk boom, which might have drowned her complex, subtle sound in a sea of Mumford and Sons.

Unsurprisingly, she comes from the proverbial creative background; her parents were both graphic designers ("My mum used to draw the streetlamps on maps, isn't that cool?

In a nod to their location, he’s wearing a Du Blonde T-shirt - the latest guise of British singer-songwriter Beth Jeans Houghton, who is, incidentally, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, and creator of the band’s latest video.