Amateur webcam platform

15-Jan-2020 05:59

The first two units will start around

The first two units will start around $1,800 at least.At this price point you get really high quality optics and mechanical zoom as well as pan-tilt.At high powers, sharp images are fleeting, coming into and going out of focus, blurred by the movement of the air around us.The effect of the air's interference with the image in the telescope is defined as "seeing" Our eye/brain combination is surprisingly adept in turbulent air.For more information about VSee telepresence system, to see VSee’s remote PTZ feature in action, or to purchase a customized Minrray for VSee, please contact sales.


The first two units will start around $1,800 at least.

,800 at least.

It’s designed for group conferencing and has built-in omni-directional speaker phones, remote control, and 8 feet of cord length compared with the Orbit’s 6 feet.

It makes nice (inexpensive) choice for room video conference calls where it can be put on the table and moved around to bring the camera closer to people’s faces.

I’ve seen this camera for as low as 8, although it more typically runs around 0.

**Only the VSee customized version of the Minrray PTZ works with VSee.

If you get a non-customized Minrray, you will have aspect ratio issues.

For this reason, until very recent times the finest observations of the planets were visual.