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26-Jun-2020 21:00

Honestly, what the shit kind of horrible person would write something like this?

This book is sexist towards men AND women, absolutely shallow, ignores the real aspects of what a relationship is supposed to be bui Hey girls!

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The rules simply encourage you to be a challenge for the next guy who comes along, and I see nothing wrong with this.

Also, the suggestion to pay attention to what a man does, not what he says...

Especially with men, actions do speak louder than words.- encouraging women to have a life of their own outside the dating world: Yes, the book is written mainly for women who are interested in finding the perfect husband.

A man's first impression is primarily VISUAL - they are drawn to pretty girls and bright colors (whether it's a dress, shoes, jewelry, hair is a whole other story).

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So I don't think there's anything wrong with the suggestion to take care of ourselves so that WE can feel great about ourselves (what the man thinks is only an added bonus).It's about being equal, and loving each other, and growing together. But I bet you my right arm and both my ass cheeks that if a man had written such a book about women (eg: Men, here's how to control your woman and make her want you: Play hard to get, chicks totally dig that shit) he would be deemed a sexist monster. Here are some ways in which I think this book succeed I think this book has gotten a lot of undeserved bad critique.

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