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Which may be great from a market-demand standpoint, but is probably not so healthy for the broader culture, as an accelerating spiral of paranoia drives an arms race of infidelity-themed weapons aimed straight at the consumer’s the September 21, 2012, episode of Shark Tank, ABC’s venture-capital reality show.The Call and Text Eraser, pitched specifically as a “cheating app,” won ,000 in seed money on the program. His girlfriend at the time—we’ll call her Scarlett—was “the jealous type,” forever poking through his smartphone and computer.

Late one night, he downloaded her texts onto his work laptop.

So Jay started using Find My i Phone for an altogether different purpose: to monitor his wife’s whereabouts.

Two nights later, when Ann said she was working late, Jay tracked her phone to the same spot.

But having stumbled upon Find My i Phone’s utility as a surveillance tool, Jay wondered what other apps might help him keep tabs on his wife. Spouses now have easy access to an array of sophisticated spy software that would give Edward Snowden night sweats: programs that record every keystroke; that compile detailed logs of our calls, texts, and video chats; that track a phone’s location in real time; that recover deleted messages from all manner of devices (without having to touch said devices); that turn phones into wiretapping equipment; and on and on.

Jay spent a few days researching surveillance tools before buying a program called Dr.Not that he could blame her, given that she’d already busted him once for having sex with another woman.