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25-Jul-2020 22:38

Cyberbullying through anons and trolling (trolling is when someone purposefully write upsetting comments/messages on blog posts, articles, chatroom forums, etc.) is the darker side of social media that does not get as much attention as it should, especially since we spend more time on our computers, tablets, and smartphones than we do interacting with people.If we want to make social media a more open and safe space for everyone, we have to discuss what is really going on, and how it impacts our online experiences. Bullying in the Chatroom – An Experience I Will Never Forget: In summer 2009, I had joined a chatroom that a then nationally syndicated radio show host had created on their website.There were a few chatters who tried to defend me, but they ended up being bullied as well.How Bullying Affected My Confidence as an Pw D: I felt a myriad of emotions during that time – anger, vulnerability, fear, and two that I had never experienced before: self-hate and self-doubt.To cause someone to think and believe such things is downright sadistic and wicked.

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The comments the anonymous messengers (called “anons”) submitted were about the blogger’s facial and body appearance, derogatory slurs such as “freak,” and hints that they should not be around anymore.This campaign aims to unite communities, local and nationwide, through activities, education, and awareness building during the observance period.