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25-Jul-2020 17:28

Three teenage girls from Ghana perused the flowers and plants in the garden behind the North YMCA, picking ripe tomatoes and examining the peppers.

“This is your sister garden,” Dustin Homan said to the visitors from western Africa.

As is the case with many African countries, there are numerous volunteer positions and organisations that bring in volunteers to teach English, among other things.

In terms of paid positions, it’s possible to find positions at international schools, most of which are in the nation’s capital, Accra.

While it may not be an easy aspect of the country to experience, the beauty of the monuments shines through and it is an interesting look into the past.

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“I hear the girls say, ‘I want to do this back home,’” Homan said.

The visit was funded with the help of Ohio State’s Initiative for Food and Agri Cultural Transformation, a program researching sustainable food security across the globe.

The project has four objectives: Establishing sister gardens, teaching the importance of food security and sustainable agriculture and youth involvement, transcending borders and forming relationships.

Nissi-Brown said that at first she was not excited to come to America to learn about agriculture.

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Yet through her experience, she said, she learned about the importance of agriculture to any country’s survival.Two of them are from Accra, Columbus’ sister city since 2015, and one is from nearby.