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13-Jul-2020 03:55

A majority of the new hotel and resorts development happening in Oman are under five and 7-star categories.Analysts believe that this a prudent strategy to attract high value tourists.The new developments are expected to add some 4,000 – 5,000 new hotel rooms in Oman in the next few years.Callaghan says, “The high profile projects one sees announced in the media are the five and seven star properties, others are opening too.The major tourist influx is from the region itself, including nationals.According to NCSI, Omanis comprised 73.1 per cent of the visitors last year (264,065 in 2013), while UAE nationals were 13.1 per cent and other GCC nationals comprised five per cent of the visitors.This year too we have received advance bookings starting from the first day of Eid to August 15.

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On a regional level we work on promotions and offers with other regional partners and work on brand awareness for our property.” Not only big chains, but budget hotels also enjoy heavy bookings during the season, especially from nationals.With the government investing heavily on developing new resorts and hotels, the sector is poised for more growth in the region in the years to come.