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22-Mar-2020 04:18

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It formats JSON nicely and puts in a txt file, then second step is to read the txt file back into Excel and strip out data at the same time.Would be interested in street address - The registery does not record the phase configuration of points of connection or metering components.There is also another macro that coverts text to columns (I didn't get JSON parseing functioning). I've also put together a function that accepts street addresses and returns ICP's if that is of interest... Regards, Malcolm -------------GETICPDETAIL FUNCTION FOR WINDOWS EXCEL------------------ Hi Malcolm, Thanks, I went down the text to columns lots of formatting route for a while, but then ended up getting JSON parsing working.I couldn't get VBA-JSON package working, but found a 2-step parser for the JSON string which worked well (

Much of the information has been general in nature but I’ve tried to simplify this as much as is possible.

The search criteria will be based on two options, an Export from Excel to Access Import from Access to Excel Userform to Export and Import Append and Delete form a Userform This video demonstrates the procedure and also how to create the Userform with the many controls.